Azienda agrituristica con campeggio per vacanze naturali in famiglia ad Albenga, Savona, Liguria.

The farm

Natural Agriculture and rediscovery of ancient varieties, our peculiarities.

We grow naturally typical vegetables and fruits of the Plain of Albenga.

We prefer the many varieties, a little forgotten by the traditional agriculture of this part of Liguria.

We revalued land under intensive agriculture by planting a new olive grove and creating the area that will host the campsite.

Campagna amica

Oil, wine, honey, eggs, fresh bread ...

... and many other products from our agriculture and from friendly farms

You can taste and buy the products of our farm and farms of the Campagna Amica - Coldiretti circuit

The saffron

We are the only ones to grow saffron in the plain of Albenga

The cultivation of saffron requires a lot of manual work and cannot be mechanized.

This pressing work is done for short periods of the year and requires careful and scrupulous operators.

Our saffron is dried in stigmas, ready for use in cooking.

A special holiday in Agricampsite in Albenga

km0 healthy products for a stay among the Ligurian flavours without giving up the beaches and the sea

The farm, currently about one hectare, belongs to the family since the end of '800.

The great-grandfather, a native of the eastern Liguria, bought it from the Countess and divided among his six children.

Gabriella's and Daniele's dream is to be able to convey the love of the land to the guests of the Agricampsite.

Originally the farm was cultivated totally in horticulture and orchard and, as in all the agricultural plain of Albenga , known all over Europe for its fruits and vegetables, were cultivated the Beefsteak tomato, the bell pepper, the violet asparagus and courgettes.

Currently we have devoted part to the cultivation to the ‘taggiasca’ olive, saffron, basil, vegetables and niche fruit plants, using natural farming methods.

The extra virgin olive oil from olive trees of valuable "taggiasca" variety
Basil and fresh pesto according to the ancient traditional Ligurian recipe
Typical seasonal vegetables for which the Albenga plain is famous
We rediscovered the cultivation of many varieties of ancient fruits
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