The city of Albenga is a town in western Liguria in the homonymous plain formed by the Centa river.

Founded by the Roman and medieval town, Albenga's historic centre is one of the largest and most beautiful of Liguria.

Very well preserved, many monuments and buildings of merit, is still largely surrounded by walls, and is characterized by numerous towers.

In the historical centre are housed interesting museums: the Roman Naval Museum, the Ingauno Museum, the Diocesan Museum and Palazzo Scotto with the permanent exhibition "Magiche Transparenze" with the famous "Piatto Blu" (Blu Plate).

Across the country you can meet Roman and medieval archaeological sites.

Outdoor sports, mountain biking, trekking and climbing

The first hinterland that surrounds the Albenga plain is full of paths ideal for long walks or trekking downhill mountain biking and enjoy magnificent views.

Many trails are sea view as the famous Via Julia Augusta, the Roman road connecting Albenga and Alassio, halfway up the hill, in the Mediterranean scrub and ever sea view.

Castelbianco and Pennavaire valley are well known for rock climbing sports that attract a lot of climbers from all over Europe.

The characteristic inland and sea Ligurian villages

Our guests can visit the many surrounding villages that have maintained the typical characteristics of the Riviera of the past.

Inland: Cisano sul Neva, Zuccarello and Castelvecchio, formerly the Marquis of Carretto’s, with their castles and historic centres virtually untouched.

By the sea: Laigueglia, near Alassio, retains the characteristics of a typical fishing village, as well as Noli and Varigotti.

Very recommended are the visits to Borgio Verezzi and Cervo with their wonderful views of the sea.

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